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Scholarships & Stipends

 Students are advised to enquire about the different types of scholarships, stipends and other types of financial help awarded by the Government and the College from the concerned Officer-in-Charge and Accounts Section of the College.

  1. Government of India Merit Scholarship.
  2. Junior College Merit: Scholarship.
  3. Senior College Merit Scholarship.
  4. Merit-cum Poverty Scholarship.
  5. National Loan Scholarship.
  6. Merit Scholarship for the children of Primary School Teachers.
  7. Stipend for orthopaedically handicapped students.
  8. IScholarship for S.C & S.T. students.
  9. Educational concession to children and dependants of service personnel.
  10. Free studentship to the extent: of 12.5% of the strength of students from whom tuition fees are collected.
  11. Aid from Social Service Guied (Expected to be repaid after the student gets settled in life).