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The Athletic Club

The name of the club shall be the Anandapur College Athletic Club.

The Executive Committee consists of the following members: 
(a) President - Principal (Ex-Officio)
(b) Vice- President and Associate Vice-President- to be nominated by the Principal from among the members of the teaching staff.
(c) The P.E.T. .
(d) Secretary- To be elected by the students.
(e) Assistant Secretary - To be elected by the students.
(f) One class Representative from each class.

Works of the Committee:

(a) to consider the budget.
(b) General management of the club.
(c) to promote games and sports among the students.


(a) He wiil be in charge of the accounts and all correspondences in this connection including the ordering of goods.
(b) He will be the General Superintendent of the games. The Vice-President is nominated by the Principal for only one session. He shall carry on the work in the following session till the Principal nominates another Vice-President to succeed him.

4(a) The P.E.T. :

(a) The P.E.T. will remain in charge of all sports materials. (b) He will look after the play grounds.
(c) He will perform all such duties as assigned to him by the

Vice-President. (d) He will organise P.E.T. Classes including Drill and Gymnastics.

The Captains: The Principal, Vice-President, and the P.E.T. will select the Captains for all the outdoor games provided in the College.

(a) They will select players for matches.

(b) The P.E.T. and the Secretary will be responsible for the organisation of the. College games.

The Secretary will conduct all correspondences assigned to him by the Vice-President. He will convence all meetings of the Athletic Club. He will be organise College games and sports with the assistance of the Captains and the Vice-Captains. He will prepare and read the report in the Annual Prize Giving Function of the Club.

The Assistant Secretary will assist the Secretary in the discharge of his duties. In absence of the Secretary, he will perform the duties of the Secretary.

The Principal's decision shall be final in all matters relating to the Athletic Club.