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The College Union

 The name of the Union shall be the Anandapur College Students Union.


The aims of the Union are:

  1. to foster and encourage corporate academic life, unity, fellow feeling and spirit of co-operation among the members of the Union.
  2. to organise discussion on general, cultural and academic problems.
  3. to invite eminent persons to address the union.
  4. to organise debates. .
  5. to discharge such other functions as the Principal may prescribe or as the Executive Committee shall decide with the prior permission of the Principal.

Membership of the Union:

  1. Every student of the College of + stream is a member of the Union. No one whose name is not on the rolls of the College can be a member of the Union.
  2. All members of the teaching staff, if they so desire, can take part in the proceeding of the meeting.

The Executive Committee:

The following shall be the office bearers of the College Union.

  1. The President
  2. The Vice-President
  3. The Secretary
  4. The Assistant Secretary
  5. One Student Representative to be elected from each class and section.
  6. One Women Students' Representative.

5. President:

Any member of the Union belonging to the 3rd(Third) year of + 3 degree class is eligible to contest for election to Presidentship of the Union. The President shall preside over all ordinary meetings of the Union. He shall be responsible for maintaining order and interpreting the rules. His ruling shall be final except when he requests Adviser to give a ruling, in which case the ruling of the Adviser shall be final.


The Vice-President shall be a student of the 2nd year of +3 Degree class. In the absence of the President, the"vice-President shall assume all his rights and discharge all his duties.

Secretary :

Any member of the Union shall contest for election to the Secretaryship of the College Union.

The Secretary shall arrange debates, give notice of all meetings, whether annual, ordinary or extra-ordinary. He shall record the minutes of all meetings.

He shall select the subject for debate in consultation with the President and the Adviser.

He shall keep the Accounts of the Union.

Assistant Secretary :

The Assistant Secretary shall be a student of 1st year of +3 Degree Classes. The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary in the discharge of his duties arid in his absence perform all his functions.


The Adviser shall be present at all meetings of the Union. He will assist by helpful suggestions, if necessary, in the conduct of the meetings.

The President may refer to him any rule for interpretation and the decision of the Adviser shall be final. He may at any time during a meeting or at the request of the President explain the scope and effect of a motion or amendment.

Associate Adviser:

The Associate Adviser shall assist the Adviser in all. matters concerning the College Union.

The Associate Adviser shall, in the absence of the Adviser, assume all duties of the Adviser.

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee of the Union shall discuss the budget at an Annual Meeting of the Committee and decide from time to time all other matters concerning the activities of the Union.

Union Fund:

All members of the Union shall pay a consolidated membership fee per annum to be collected by the College Office.